Census 2020 – Make NC Count

The Census is your chance to make sure your community counts. Participating in the Census will help make sure your community gets:

  • Fair representation in Congress
  • Financial resources for health, schools, transportation, and more
  • Information leaders need to help your community plan for the future.

Established by the US Constitution, the US Census Bureau is required to conduct a count of every person in the United States, including North Carolina. Everyone must be counted no matter their age, residence status or location. This includes deployed military at their current base address. Federal law requires that all information collected be kept confidential. The information compiled cannot be shared with law enforcement, the courts, immigration or anyone for 72 years.

Census Day is April 1, 2020. Completing the survey is quick and easy to do. You will be able to complete your Census questionnaire online or on paper. By using your phone, tablet or computer, or simply grabbing a pencil or pen, you can complete the questionnaire in only a few minutes. Responses can be submitted electronically or by mail.

 The process is quick and easy and you will have three options to respond:

  • Online (for the first time!)
  • By phone
  • By mail

Help Make NC Count!