Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find out if my property is located within a flood zone?
    The Planning Department can determine if your property is within a flood zone. Please have a street address and tax id number available for reference.
  • Why do I need a building permit?
    NC General Statutes require a permit to be obtained if a building, structure or service system is erected, constructed, enlarged, installed, altered, repaired, moved, removed, converted, or demolished. If you build without obtaining the necessary permits a written stop-work order will be issued.
  • What information do I need to be issued a permit for a house?
    You will need a completed application, 2 copies of drawings, and septic/sewer permit and a plot plan.
  • How long does it take to process my permit once I’ve submitted all of the necessary information?
    The amount of time will vary depending on the nature of the application.
  • What will happen if I decide to build without being issued appropriate permits?
    A written stop-work order will be issued.
  • If my home is located within a flood zone, what is required to receive a permit?
    You will need an elevation certificate or surveyed plot plan with information.
  • What information is needed before I can be issued a mobile home permit?
    You will need a completed application; septic permit and an elevation certificate (if your home is located within a flood zone).
  • What are the required inspections on a mobile home?
    Only one final inspection is required on a mobile home.
  • Once I purchase my permit, what is the procedure for requesting an inspection?
    The permit holder must call the inspections office during business hours with the correct permit number to request an inspection. Your inspection will be done as soon as possible, however we cannot promise an exact time.
  • Once I receive my development permit, how long do I have until it expires?
    You have six months after the date of issuance to begin work on the project. Once an inspection has been done, you have one year until your next inspection or the permit is no longer valid.
  • Do I need to be present at the site at the time of my inspection?
    You do not need to be present for an inspection, although we must have access to the interior of the home should that be necessary.
  • Should my final electric inspection pass, how soon should I receive power on to my residence?
    The electrical supply company will be notified the same day as the inspection. After they have been notified, it is up to them as to when power is connected. We suggest you contact them prior to your inspection and make sure they have been given proper information. Their information must match what we have in our system.
  • Whom should I call if I have questions concerning my permit or an inspection?
    You may contact the inspections department during business hours on the day following your scheduled inspection and speak with a permit technician.
  • Where can I access the North Carolina State Building Code?
    Information on the NC State Building Code can be accessed at Click on “Office of State Fire Marshall” and the “Engineering and Codes Division.”

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