Lenoir County Zoning Ordinance Revision

Purpose of the Code Update:

  • Zoning Ordinance Revisions
  • Review and revise Table of Permitted Uses, update with a more robust list of uses as needed and make adjustments to by-right uses as needed.
    • Review uses that require a special use permit and recommend either removal or allowance – possibly with supplemental standards.
    • Add supplemental standards for permitted nonresidential uses (i.e.- establishing standards such as additional setbacks, additional buffers for high nuisance uses, parking lot location, location of dumpsters with screening requirements, and lighting standards to prevent light and glare spillover for commercial uses).
  • Update use definitions and ensure supplemental standards are consolidated into a user-friendly location.
  • Establish a new residential zoning district with supplemental standards to distinguish between rural and residential zoning districts.
  • Establish enhanced landscaping requirements and nonresidential design standards along major thoroughfares.
  • Create a user-friendly document by combining existing ordinances (flood damage prevention, subdivision, junkyards, zoning, and other relevant ordinances) into one document.
  • Consider how to formalize the zoning process and standards of the Global Transpark area

Public Review Materials:


Proposed Zoning Map




Proposed Project Schedule


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