Environmental Health

Environmental Health Program conducts state mandated investigations, permitting, and inspections services.  Programs include the following:

  • Food, Lodging, and Institution involves the permitting and inspections of all food, lodging, and institutions including the jail and hospital at frequencies as determined by the State and according to risk based inspection criteria. 
  • Food, Lodging, and Institution Sanitation Score
  • On-Site Wastewater involves the evaluation of soil suitability for the installation of septic tank systems. 
  • The private drinking water well program provides well siting and permitting and water sampling. 
  • Public swimming pools involve the annual permitting and periodic inspection of public swimming pools. 
  • Tattoo parlor involves the permitting of tattoo artists and quarterly inspections of the establishment which include instruments, sterilizer/autoclave, and records/documents. 
  • Residential and Day Care involves the periodic inspections of licensed day care and residential facilities. 
  • Lead Investigation involves the investigation for the presence and the abatement of lead contaminated paint in residences, day care facilities, and other locations where children under 6 years of age stay and have elevated blood lead levels.   
  • The Methamphetamine Lab program has staff that work with owners of the clandestine labs to assure proper cleanup of the hazardous chemicals and residue before reoccupying the premises.

Environmental Health Permits

Lenoir County Health Department
Fax: 252-526-4299
Patient Records Fax: 252-370-1536
WIC Fax: 252-523-0369


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Environmental Health
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