County Directory

Below is a list detailing the various departments and divisions that combine to make the structure of the Lenoir County government. You will find a list of contacts for each department or division, as well as contact information for each office and county name. If you do not find the information you are searching for, please contact our main office at 252-559-6450 so we may assist you.

 Department / Division
Contact Phone / Email
 Addressing / GIS Wayland Humphrey 252-559-2278
 Board of Elections Kristie Smith 252-523-0636
 Building & Grounds / Maintenance Anthony Howard 252-559-6452
 Cooperative Extension Tammy Kelly 252-527-2191
 County Attorney Robert W. Griffin 252-559-6368
 County Manager Michael James 252-559-6450
 Assistant to County Manager Adam Short 252-559-2260
 Economic Development/NCGlobal TransPark Economic Development Region Mark Pope 252-559-3907
 Emergency Services / Communications / E-911 Murry Stroud 252-559-1911
 Finance Department Sandra Barss 252-559-6464
 Health Department Pamela Brown 252-526-4200
 Human Resources Lashanda Hall 252-559-6465
 Mental Health Sarah Stroud 1-800-913-6109
 MIS / Information Technology Blanca Faasii 252-559-6440
 Parks and Recreation Corey Povar 252-939-3332
 Planning & Inspections Adam Short 252-559-2260
 Public Information Bryan Hanks 252-559-6450
 Register of Deeds Treva Jenkins 252-559-6420
 Sheriff’s Office Jackie Rogers 252-559-6100
 Social Services Jeff Harrison 252-559-6400
 Soil & Water Conservation Janine Lloyd


 Solid Waste Kim Hill 252-775-1817
 Tax Department Lorie English 252-527-7174
 Transportation Angie Greene 252-559-6457

Lenoir County, North Carolina

Phone: 252-559-6450
Fax: 252-526-6454

Physical Address:
130 South Queen Street
Kinston, NC 28501

Mailing Address:
PO Box 3289
Kinston, NC 28502