Second Vaccine Shots Are Ready to Be Disseminated Next Week

Addressing unsubstantiated rumors circulating in the area, Lenoir County Health Department (LCHD) Director Pamela Brown wants to reassure county residents there are plenty of second shots of the COVID-19 vaccine available for those who are scheduled to get them next week.

“It’s really, really important to get that second shot,” she said. “To get the maximum effectiveness of the vaccine, you have to get the second shot.”

Brown said there have been multiple calls to the health department from concerned residents who’ve received the first shot, but who’ve heard rumors there will not be enough second shots for those who have them scheduled.

Not true, Brown said.

“If you received the first shot at our vaccine clinic at the Lenoir County Livestock Arena, we have your second shot ready for you next week,” she said.

Those who’ve received their first shot should’ve received notification of their appointment for their second shot, which will be administered at the Lenoir County Livestock Arena (1791 N.C. 55, Kinston) next week.

Accurate information about COVID-19 and prevention methods can be found at or or by calling 866-462-3821. Having accurate information will assist you in protecting yourself, your family and your community.